Asset Management

MKH Consulting recognizes that property owners need assistance in navigating branded management companies. As an asset manager, our role is to ensure that ownership's objectives and goals receive first priority. To achieve this we act as the owner's agent, working directly with the management company to provide oversight on all facets of property operation. This can include:


  • Annual operating budget review
  • Monthly income statement and balance sheet review
  • Evaluating operational effectiveness and concept viability
  • Reviewing market penetration and competitive set metrics
  • Evaluating sales and marketing strategies and tactics
  • Capital improvement recommendation and budget review
  • Asset protection and risk management evaluation
Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm

 We utilize a multifaceted management strategy composed of five cornerstone objectives to streamline an asset and allow it to achieve maximum profitability.


​Our Asset & Hotel Consulting Services Strive to:

Increase asset value through superior management with the focus on maximizing efficiency and ROI

Exceed guest expectations at every level through unparalleled customer service

Employ the highest caliber staff and provide them with the finest training available

Research and understand the local market to strategically position an asset to obtain maximum long-term profitability

Streamline daily operations while constantly measuring success

Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm

MKH Consulting approach includes disciplined research, analysis, reporting, and controls that begin with the Road to Maximizing Asset Profitability (“roadMAP”). The roadMAP includes a review of all relevant operational, physical, market, financial, marketing, and investment criteria of an individual hotel.

Our hotel asset management team begins by conducting a comprehensive study of the competitive market and operating environment, including the hotel’s physical condition, capital expenditure history and capital expenditure plan.

Financial performance and labor productivity are reviewed and benchmarked. Sales and marketing strategies are evaluated and measured for ROI. Legal documents are meticulously reviewed with respect to compliance with operating and business terms. Members of the on-site and regional management team and franchise are extensively interviewed.

Our goal: to maximize cash flow and protect the economic value and physical condition of the investment.

Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Consulting Firm

Institutional investors and owners retain us exclusively to provide systematic budget and capital improvement reviews, financial statement analysis, sales and marketing evaluations, overviews for proper implementation of objectives and strategies, financing and debt restructuring, and internal controls.

I know every aspect of the market and will always pay closer attention to your hotel operations and keep you better informed than any competitor ever would.​

Our Asset Management Team will efficiently and affectively ensure revenue growth through strategic planning that includes training of staff, public relations, sales & marketing initiatives, cost control, budgeting, planning, and leadership. Our success is measured only by the satisfaction we deliver to our owners and investors. 

Transparency is always important to us; therefore, we meet with our owners and investors a minimum of once a month and anytime at owner's request. Books are opened for review and Profit & Loss statements are thoroughly evaluated. 

Asset Value Enhancement is our greatest strength. Mihran Kalaydjian Hospitality Management has a proven track record of delivering value enhancement to short and long-term asset acquisitions under a variety of formats.

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